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    a moded moto q9c- loved this phone. Things I miss- flash, local streaming radio stations and internet sharing built in.

    instinct s30- first touch screen, it suck and was slow as hell. Took it back after 1 or 2 days and got my baby (palm pre)
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    Kyocera 7135 (Verizon) -> Palm Treo 650 (ATT) -> Palm Treo 680 (ATT) -> Palm Pre (Sprint)

    Each phone had nice improvements, but I have to say that I still miss the Graffiti on the 7135.
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    Blackberry Curve 8310 (ATT) loved it... but got old quick.. Love the Pre, just wish it the bugs were worked out.
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    Treo 650. The Pre is just the most powerful and elegant phone I've ever used.. thank you Palm!
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    Htc touch pro, then my pre for two months, now htc hero.
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    Panasonic> Nokia 3310> SE P910i> SE W550i> SE P990i >Samsung F200> Apple iphone 16GB > HTC Touch Diamond> Tmobile G1> Palm Pre
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    Moto Krzr -> Motorola Q > iPod Touch (for 2 days with google voice ftw) > Pre!
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    I am switching phones in the pace you can see below is quite slow.
    Nokia has been the name over the years:
    - 8810i (banana)
    - 3210 (simple but clumsy, reliable but not submersible as tested! Just a phone)
    - 6310i (still using in parallel with the following E65 in case of harsh conditions)
    - E65 at present, assigned to me (my employer pays for it) for working hours

    I have had Palm Pre for private use for couple of weeks
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    Having fun trying to remember every phone I ever had...In semi-reverse order. Instinct, Moto Q, 2 different Nokia flips phones (recent AT&T GoPhones,) a Cingular 3125, Some Panasonic flip, razr, Nokia 3300, Nokia 3190, Moto v120, Nokia 5100, several others that I can not remember now.
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    I had an HTC Touch Dual.

    The Pre was the first non-Windows Mobile phone I've had since the very first HTC Tanager appeared many years ago!
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    o, my list is longer.

    ok, Nokia 7610, N-GAGE QD, N91, N95, E71, IPHONE 3G 16GB, AND PRE!
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    HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. Depended on the day pretty much.
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    Modded Treo 700wx running Windows Mobile 6.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rawspot View Post
    Samsung Instinct (SPH-M800)
    Had the Instinct too. Before that was the centro, Katana, and this horrible ol' flip black phone. All from sprint!

    Needless to say, pre owns them all :P
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    Samsung Finesse.
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    Centro. The pre is a huge step up. Even better than my old PC-6700.
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    Blackberry Bold.
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    mhh let me think...(strict in any order.... )
    Nokia 2110
    Nokia 3110
    Panasonic GD90
    LG LG-600
    Nokia 7210
    Nokia 6230
    Nokia 6230i
    Nokia 6234
    A whole different life!
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggedy View Post
    samsung omnia, served me well but loving the pre
    samsung omnia as well the i910

    the PIM was better in some respects, worse in others.

    I don't miss winmo
    I do miss sling player

    I don't miss the UI
    I do miss the camera (far superior image quality across the board, post image processing ect)

    I don't miss the sluggishness, and i don't miss the resistive screen.
    I do miss the out of the box flashlight mapped to long-press volume down.

    but for the most part, i don't miss the omnia.

    overall, i don't miss my omnia, just a few of its little niceties.
    There are four lights.

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