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    My last phone was an HTC Mogul w/ SPB Mobile Shell skin. It was cool, but the tweaks and patches and growing w/ this device has been cool. Only thing I really want is a voice recorder.
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    My last 755p phone was likely the best handset for PalmOS but compared to the Pre it now feels like an old brick . . .
    Pilot 1000=>Pilot 5000=>Palm IIIx=>Palm Vx=>Palm 505m=>Treo 600=>Treo 650=>Treo 700wx=>Treo 755p=>Palm Pre=>Palm Pre 2
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    treo 755p
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    MOT e815 for phone; Palm TX for handheld. {Jonathan}
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    Motorola Q9c. that was my first smartphone, and after that swore that that would be all that i purchase from here on out...
    Lovin' the Pre. Love It.
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    Had an instinct before this. The pre was my first real smart phone. Changed how I looked at phones forever. Absolutley love it
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    I had a Samsung Instinct M800. It was my first touch screen phone, and it changed the way I look at phones for life. Now my phone is the command center of my busy life, with the PRE.
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    MotoKRZR k1m on Verizon. As a phone only it had great reception, loud and clear sound and great battery life. But the Pre and webOS are the future, opening a new dimension in communication and fun.
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    I had the BB Curve 8330. I loved it at the time. My wife still has hers, and occasionally I'll play with it, and I hate it. Not intuitive at all, and the trackball is . . . . .uninspired. She likes it because she can get custom covers for it on ebay.

    I'm a webos fan now. Wife will be upgrading to the Pixi soon. I'm still very excited about the future of this operating system.
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    centro (hated it) > LG Lotus (loved it) > Pre (HEAVEN!)
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    Razr 2 - loved the thinness
    now love the multi-tasking
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    Samsung Blade, and a TX
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    5 pages and only the 2nd MotoQ9c did see two others mention the motoQ

    Moto Q9c - my 1st smart phone and liked it at the time but the PrPrPr&#$275$; $BLOWS$ $it$ $away$!!!
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    Instinct. Thought I liked it until I got the Pre. Still miss voice dialing, but I'm sure it is coming with the Pre.
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    Centro. Didn't know what I was missing til I got the Pre.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    this my first post on this *****... i had a samsung instinct. it was ok. but this ***** phone is the ****... love this site
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    Treo 650. Didn't see one worth upgrading to, until the Pre.
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    I had an iPhone, then iPhone 3G, got tired of AT&T's rates so switched to sprint with the Instinct to hold me over until the Pre came out. I won't lie, I'd go back to the iPhone in a heartbeat if it ever goes to a carrier other than AT&T.

    Pre WiFi Tether Results
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    a moded moto q9c- loved this phone. Things I miss- flash, local streaming radio stations and internet sharing built in.

    instinct s30- first touch screen, it suck and was slow as hell. Took it back after 1 or 2 days and got my baby (palm pre)

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