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    Se c902 ^^
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    LG Voyager VX10000. Great keyboard. Verizon's "push" email stopped working for over two months while they worked on it. I couldn't take it anymore so I paid the ETF and ported over to sprint.
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    Blackberry Tour
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    iPhone>iPhone 3G>Palm Pre

    The only thing I miss about the iPhone is the apps, they were the best apps by far on any OS and I've played with apps on win mo, android, blackberry, and palm os but I think with the right SDK webOS can best it.
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    I had 3 HTC Snaps in 2 weeks. Before that, a Samsung Ace.
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    Samsung Instinct
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    i had a blackberry pearl. i hated it.
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    Treo 755p. Not a bad phone overall but definitely like the Pre better.
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    I had a Motorola Razr V3m that was so messed up, every time the phone was turned off and back on, the ringtones would switch to image files, so it wouldn't ring when people called, I would barely hear soft click (if I heard anything at all).

    The Pre is the first cell phone that I am truly happy with. The Razr experience was nothing but hell for two years, and before that I had a (nextel) Motorola i90c for about 5 years, which was an alright phone, but still lacked desired functions.
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    I had the blackberry pearl 8130. I liked it lots but the pre is waaay better.
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    The first HTC Touch, w/winmo. I never had a problem with it and i miss it.
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    palm treo 800w, before that i had the centro
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    Treo 700p, I switched to spring from Nextel after owning every nextel phone since the i500 and on circa 2000.... had the Treo and held onto it for 2 years, 6 months of which was waiting for the Pre...
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    Quote Originally Posted by qst4 View Post
    Centro, didn't hate it, but the browser was atrocious! Pre is definitely a step up. I will say the calendar on the Centro was better, but having a better browser trumps the minor shortcomings I've experienced with the calendar.

    Exact same phone & feelings here! Liked my centro but the browser was just brely better than a WAP browser! I kinda would like a Piki with the pre haedware specs minus slider, I have large hands & have hard time hitting top row of keys on my pre.
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    I had an HTC Touch HD and before that an iPhone 3G. I find the design of the iPhone to be the best, but WebOS is the best mobile operating system.
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    Palm Treo 755p. A very good device but I do like the Pre much better.
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    Storm 1......

    Much happier with the Pre
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    BB Pearl 8130. My first smartphone and I loved it. I find it funny that BB has such a staunch following. The Pre has opened my eyes as to how archaic the BB OS is.
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    Samsung Instinct & Instinct s30. Between them I went through six phones in 8 months. Love my Pre. Love WebOS. Love tweaking my phone. Love the vertical slider. Perfectly willing to wait for improvements. Will never own anything other than a Palm device in the future. Been with Sprint for almost nine years with no complaints.
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    I had the Instinct,,,,,NEVER AGAIN, will I buy a Samsung phone. My daughter still has her's and hates it like me and her mom did. She can't upgrade until January.

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