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    iPhone 3GS 16GB and I'm very happy with my Palm Pre, absolutely not missing iphone.
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    HTC Touch Diamond. Great phone but enjoying the Pre much more.
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    Treo 755p
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    LG Choclate, I had a palm pilot and and then T3 though.
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    Treo 650.

    I actually liked the 650s keyboard a bit more than the Pres, and also how snappy the UI is. But other than that, the Pre beats it in every way.
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    I have an Env from Verizon and a BB.

    Palm Pre- > HTC EVO 3D > HTC One X > Samsung GSIII

    If any of my posts help you please thank me!!
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    i used the nokia 5800xm for a year, served me well, but the pre is amazing.

    love the capacitive screen + hardware keyboard, but the OS makes it all happen like magic.
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    every TREO in order of appearance, lastly the 755
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    treo 800w...Great phone.
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    Many Nokia's with a Palm Z22 then a Treo 680 for about 3 years.
  12. #52 my Pre
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    samsung instinct2
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    Motorola Q->HTC Diamond->Blackberry Tour->Pre
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    Treo 755p
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    Tmobile G1 and Nokia E71 .. I prefer the PRE to both and so far Sprint has been great.
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    htc p4351 "unlocked"

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    Treo 600 ..she takes a licking but keeps on ticking!
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    Guess I'm the weirdo here, I had one of those cheapo Virgin Mobile Kyocera phones.

    I got spoiled by my Sony Clie TH55, and every single phone felt like junk in comparison (to me, at least). Only issue is that Clies don't make calls, so I thought I might as well use one of the lowest end phones with cheap plans, essentially a phone that only does one thing and does it well. Everything else is left up to my Clie.

    Waiting out on the phone industry, the Pre is the first that I felt came close to my TH55 (just close, as Palm OS 5 is, after all, a very mature platform that's fully functional). I hope webOS catches up with good old Palm OS soon
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    Sony Ericsson M600, then P1, then Centro, now Pre. I'm at home!
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