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    samsung omnia, served me well but loving the pre
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    Samsung RANT
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    Palm Treo Pro. Loved that phone, only wished the screen was bigger and that it was not a bar type, slider or flip would have been much nicer, it would also allow the screen to be bigger. Pre is an awesome phone but cannot beat the Pro right now in the flash enabled, gif files enabled browser and... The simple cut copy paste between browser and memo function. So when will the pre get that Palm? Promises promises Adobe... Anytime this year still or only in my dreams? And I hope it will work with WebOS 1.2.1 because I am not crazy to update to 1.3.1 having to lose most of my patches that makes my pre worthwile to me...
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    Nokia N75
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    Samsung Omnia, good phone and WinMo was very customizeable. Long story short, I had a problem with verizon moving my dsl service to my new house and vowed to be verizon free, I finally accomplished that with a local ISP, ooma, and my move to sprint
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    still have the 755p w/backups on both comps till the get this cloud raining right
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    Nokia 5170. This was quite a leap for me.
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    HTC Touch Pro in September, it broke, then the Touch Pro 2 in October. In November my company went with the Pre. Had no choice, but really glad I got out of the Windows Mobile environment.
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    a black motorola flip phone I got about ten years ago...

    ...don't guess I need to explain the Pre makes me feel like I'm carrying around the worlds smallest super computer in comparison.
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    Treo Pro, which IMO it's much better. You can't even compare the two screens.
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    Sanyo M1. I was actually quite content with that flip phone. I am a good T9 texter, I installed Opera Mini, Pandora, Google Maps, TeleNav, and it had 1 gig of mem built in. But it was no PDA phone and had crappy battery life. My company provided me with a Centro for several months and it made me realize how much I missed my Tungsten. Then I heard about the Pre back in January...
    Visor/Sprint Springboard Expansion Module > Visor Platinum > Tungsten E > Centro (work) > Palm Pre
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    Nokia 6820. Keyboard was nice, but the Palm Pre was a huge step up.
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    P.O.S. HTC touch pro, just cant handle all of the nonsense in WinMo, glad I made the switch to WebOS...which is light years ahead of WinMo
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    HTC touch it was the best size of any phone I have owned. HTC did a good job of making windows mobile pretty, best they could that is.... I am a very happy camper with the PRE!
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    Samsung Instinct
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    curve 8310 att....i loved that phone but blackberry is boring after a while...
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    Samsung Instinct
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    I had a Touch Pro - it was a very positive move.
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    Palm 700WX...And I'm never looking back.
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    samsung upstage, it had two screen on it and was tiny
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