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    Palm is not the only one.Others once, But.

    Is the first time I read an article from this guys of Appleinsider . I find it fair enough to think about the content.

    This part of it, IMO, Palm should take:

    but iPhone and iPod touch users are able to sync their devices to iTunes locally, enabling them to backup and restore their personal data independently of any problems that many occur in the cloud.

    I also would like to see wall street guys reading this article, before placing/quoting not fair stocks value to companies.

    AppleInsider | Palm Pre users suffer cloud computing data loss
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    +1, They should come up with a simple local sync option. I just can't see it being that difficult to do and it would be a quick way to cover the company and protect consumers if there is an issue. I do sort of wonder however, how there are so many issues. If I add a contact it syncs with google and then if I have to doctor the phone it goes to google looking for those contacts to add to the phone. But mos def, these company's should have come up with a safer method of migrating users to the cloud.
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    Even with cloud-sonly sync, they could add a few extra protections such as:

    (1) Do not allow sync to remove items without explicit confirmation.

    (2) When adding something that appears to be new, check for entries that look like duplicates and ask for confirmation.

    (3) When an entry has been changed both locally and on the cloud, ask which one (or both) to keep.

    (4) Add option to choose "sync with cloud," "cloud overwrites handheld," "handheld overwites cloud" and "do nothing" for each application (like PalmOS sync to desktop).

    The old PalmOS developers knew that sync was *the* most important feature. The new WebOS developers have apparently failed to understand that. I'm still on my Centro largely because of issues like this.
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    I was actually very shocked when I got my pre to find it had no local desktop manager. Every phone ive had always had a desktop manager.
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    I agree this is a large issue. It does lessen my enjoyment, but I also haven't put anything in my cloud Palm profile so it's potentially not as bad.
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    It's an even worse problem because, even if it works perfectly, the cloud backup doesn't cover all information on the device.
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    IMH understanding the best features of Palmwebos devices are Multitasking, wave launcher and syncing calendar and contacts, and if this last is lost, it will kill the atraction for Pre ,Pixi or upcoming models, from consumers.

    Palm has to do something fast, or whatever they try as hardware will not longer succeed.

    Palm Talks webOS Backed Up Data Issues - Says a small number of users are affected - Softpedia
    "It should be interesting to see how the problem will eventually find a resolution. The T-Mobile Sidekick outage was resolved after a few weeks, and some users managed to retrieve their personal files only recently, while some said that the process didn't work for them. Since the incidents involving the cloud data backup service failures seem to occur more often, users might start thinking twice before choosing this path, one should agree. "

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