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    Weird thing started happening yesterday (11/25) with my POP account. It started deleting emails on the server again when I delete the email on my Pre
    The reason this is weird is that immediately after updating to 1.3.1, it didn't matter whether I deleted email from the computer-accessed POP account or the Pre... they didn't really "talk" to each other. Before the update, I could delete emails from either source and the deletions would be synched between both sources. Now it's working halfway
    But if I delete emails via my computer, they still stay on the Pre. Hope this explanation makes sense. In any case, it seems that synching from the Pre to POP account server is now working again. Anyone else experiencing this? By the way, I'm obviously in the camp of those who liked the POP synching before the update... regardless of how POP accounts are "supposed" to work. Are you listening Palm

    Finally, Happy Thanksgiving to All
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    I have the same problem. I too liked the way it was. I don't like having to delete e-mails in two different places.

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