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    Is there any way that you can download contacts to your PC, edit contact info then sync it back to the Pre like the Palm 755 Treo could do with the palm desktop software. It is so easy to add address. birthdays etc. on the Pc then to have to do it on the small Pre keypad.
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    I can't suggest highly enough that you setup you pre with a gmail account. If you don't have one already then it's easy and free to setup. You don't have to use the email part if you don't want to, but it works very well with push email. You could forward you current email via it too if you want just one place to get your email and also send as your current address so you wouldn't need to change email address.

    If you use google for your contacts & calendar they are all stored in the cloud (online) so they are safe, then the pre will sync down from them and also back the other way (make a change on your pc & your pre will get it, make a change on your pre and the web will get it).

    This goes for contacts and your calendars. Set calendar entry on your PC and it will sync to your pre and you'll get an alert on the device at the event time.

    There's also a nice auto calendar you can add in Google calendar that lists all your contacts birthdays on the calendar automatically for you without you having to add them yourself.

    As well as making sure everything is in sync it's also a great way to protect your data, if your pre breaks or gets lost or you change to a new phone, you just setup your google account on your new device and it has all the same content.
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    That was easy and works great ....Thanks
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    I do have a gmail, but my yahoo is my default account. Does gmail have to be default acct in order for it backup contacts. When I signed into Gmail, there are only 48 contacts listed, whereas I have over 500 contacts.

    Pls Help!!
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    if you go into the contacts app on the pre and then to preferences and accounts. you should set google as your default account. Then any new contacts created on the pre are created in your gmail account also.

    as of 1.3.1 (I think) the pre will only sync contacts from gmail that are listed under the "My Contacts" groups, not the ones that google auto adds because you have once communicated with them.

    Check that they are added to your groups, if not then add them and they should then sync to your pre.
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    I set the default to the Gmail acct, and when I signed back into it didnt add any additional contacts.
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    ok, so you have a gmail account and you set it up on the pre also for your contacts?
    The Gmail account is set as your default account?

    On the pre, create a new contact (call it "test 123" or something) and save it.
    Then in the contacts app, goto preferences and accounts, then scroll down to "Sync Now" and hit that.

    leave it a few seconds for the sync to complete and then check google contacts for that account in your browser. You should see the new contact in there.

    Sometimes OI have know the pre to take a little while to sync contacts and calendars before they update, must be some sort of polling delay at the back end or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glwilliams View Post
    I set the default to the Gmail acct, and when I signed back into it didnt add any additional contacts.
    Sounds like there may be some confusion here. The Pre will not transfer contacts from one account to the other ... whatever was created in Yahoo will not show up in Google. The "default" account only says which account new contacts created on the Pre get synced to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wclark60 View Post
    That was easy and works great ....Thanks
    Yep ... I love the Google Contacts and Calendar sync ... much nicer than the old Palm Desktop IMO (except it doesn't do Tasks and Notes ... yet). There's no reason to use the Palm Profile account that comes as the default on the Pre
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    Is there an easy way to back up contacts on the Pre to Gmail in mass?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roymus View Post
    Is there an easy way to back up contacts on the Pre to Gmail in mass?
    I'm not sure how you would get all Pre contacts (contacts created on your Palm Pre Profile) over to a gmail account.

    All my contacts are in gmail and I've never created any on the pre in the palm profile. I just created one as a test and couldn't see anyway of copying it over to the gmail profile.

    If it transpires that there isn't a way then the quickest way would be to use a PC to add them all manually into gmail and then sync them back. Not ideal I know but it should only be a task you'll only ever need to do once.


    There are a few sync apps floating about, missing sync springs to mind. I've not looked at it but that might offer a way to copy contacts from palm profile to gmail or other targets like outlook or .csv . At least then it's easier to get into gmail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roymus View Post
    Is there an easy way to back up contacts on the Pre to Gmail in mass?
    You have to be specific about what "contacts on the Pre" means. The Pre can access Contacts in multiple "accounts" (Google, Exchange, Yahoo, etc). When you sync with those accounts the contacts are "on your Pre", but they are maintained in separate accounts. Palm does not provide any way to transfer Contacts from one account to another.

    Contacts which are created (typed in) on your Pre go into whatever you have set up as the "default" account. The "default" account when you get your Pre is the Palm Profile. Several people have worked on utilities to extract Contacts from the Palm Profile account into a CSV file so they can be imported to another account (typically Google). If you search for "export Palm Profile Contacts" you will see many threads on how this might be done (some are "easier" than others).

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