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    I'm writing to any of you using an unlocked palm pre in France. Since the update to 1.3.1 the app catalogue is unavailable. I would like to hear other users experience of their Palm on French networks, personally I'm on Bouygues Telecom.

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    I have a CDMA Pre and live part of the year in Chalus just southwest of Limoges. Where did you get your GSM Pre? I thought that it wasn't yet available in France. I use my CDMA Pre on wifi only while in France.
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    I bought an unlocked gsm version that is from Germany. Has anyone else who has an unlocked gsm palm pre using a different carrier other than O2 been able to access the app catalogue since the most recent update?

    Thanks for your input
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    Bonjour ami!

    They have a listing here, of a few networks:

    Some people have talked about using this SIMS card:
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    p.s. love the photo of your dog in the plane Bill !
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    That's Curly on an Air France flight on her way back to the States. She goes everytime we go. By the way, she was reading the Paris Edition of Vogue
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