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    I didn't take notice of this option until someone made that thread about updating PRL settings and changing voice network to sprint only. I tried searching the forums and found nothing, so I was wondering what changing the "voice network" does and what everyone else has it on. Thank you
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    That's the phone's roaming control. Setting it to Automatic means that the phone will roam when it can't get a Sprint signal, and use Sprint when it can. Setting it to Sprint Only, (which won't help battery life any, btw... don't believe myths) will only let it use Sprint networks, meaning that it won't be able to do anything if you don't have a Sprint signal.

    If you've learned about Preware and patches, there's one to enable an option there for "Roam Only", which can be a great battery saver if you're in an area that has little to no Sprint service.
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    thank you for the very clear and well phrased post! Happy thanksgiving and question answered.

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