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    new apps released in app store! up to 476. Nice to see they keep coming. I'm not sure which are new vs updates since I don't keep track of all that but I'm sure you can jump on and see for yourself

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    Glad to see them rolling in every few days. The new apps have been available for hours and it is nice that new apps for WebOS are not breaking news any more. BTW...did anyone try out the keyboard app for email and SMS? Love my "real" virtual keyboard patch...just wondering if there is any value to the one that appeared in the app catalog.
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    Yeah, the VK in the App Catalog isn't that great. I've found it comes in handy in situations when you want to write something but aren't quite sure what to write yet (so you can easily come back to it later). It is also faster and more convenient than calling up the Homebrew VK. Downsides are it is slow and not much more accurate than the Homebrew version. There is also no auto-correct. But I think the worst thing is if you type out a message, you still need to open the keyboard to choose a contact, which defeats the purpose of the VK!
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    It would be nice if Palm would list all the apps that are available on their web site where one could view it from your desktop. It is a pain to scroll thru them all to see if anything of value to you is now available.

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