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    I am considering trading up (?) from my 680 to the Pre, seeing as how my 680 is physically falling apart (but apparently outperforming the Pre in many areas of truly functional, useful, necessary, apps). I need a GPS navigator app. Right now I use ?TomTom Navigator. I don't really care what it is, as long as it will give me the same functionality and have on-board maps. Is that physically possible with the Pre or if I get one do I have to accept the fact that an onboard map gps map simply won't work on the Pre? It is a dealbreaker for me, unless there is no other smartrphone out there any more that can do so. I suppose the lack of an SD card will make this even more difficult, but I could live with smaller maps as long as the app would work (instead of having all of Europe, or all of North America, I could work country by country and state by state).

    I guess I should have made clear that I am thinking of a GSM, not CDSM, no Sprint, and no internet-dependent mapping apps. A truly independent on-board map standalone gps app for a gsm phone. Is it even possible for an outside developer to do this?
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    You should read up on Sprint Navigation. It's on the Pre and free. It works pretty much the same as TomTom or Garmin. I doubt it would work in Europe, though.

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