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    go in through a program in the phone to switch from just charge to usb to media sync, because the theme i uploaded to my phone(which is doing the same thing as the last one) will not just immediately go to the "just charge" option and i cannot chose the USB or media sync option... any tips would be EXTREMELY helpful in this situation, THANKS!!!
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    There is a patch in Preware which will always select Just Charge, I'm not sure if that's what you want but I'm having trouble understanding the second part of your post.

    That and your Title should be informative and never run-on into your description. Something like "An App which Switches USB-MediaSync-JustCharge?" would attract the type of attention you want, rather than me.
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    i don't think i ever heard of this, but anyone? (TTT) what have u tried doing?
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    basically what i am asking, is that since i have uploaded this theme, VIA WebOS Quick Install, now when i plug my phone in through the USB slot on my laptop, it automatically just charges, it doesn't give u the option of whether u would like to "Just Charge", "USB", or "Media Sync". what i was asking is that, i was wondering if there was a way through one of the programs BUILT INTO the phone, like "Device Info", "Screen and Lock", "Sounds and Ringtones", so on and so forth, whether there was a way to switch between those options. as for the patch in Preware, that would not be the case because i do not have that program on my phone. basically i am looking for a way to switch to usb mode so i can put songs/ringers on my phone to customize and right now i cant because i dont have the option...
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    Ah, yeah so if it just defaults to Just Charge, hopefully (I've never heard of a patch disabling this let alone a Theme) if you just plug it in, and notice in the notification area it says 'Just Charge' or 'Charging battery' something along those lines, then there is a USB icon in the bottom right? If that's true you just press that and it'll pop up, then you tap again and it'll open the whole dialog your looking for.
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    im sorry i forgot to mention that as a whole in itself, i kno that if u hit the usb symbol once its charging it brings up the just charging option and if u hit that u can switch between the three, but im not even getting that symbol down in the corner of the screen, nothing, zilch... thats y i am concerned. it did this with the last theme that i installed, so i did a FULL erase, and when it came back up the icon bar at the bottom of the screen was still the one from the theme before i did the erase, but the background was the factory background. im a lil concerned at this point to say the least cuz ive never had this happen until i used that theme from yesterday and then it started...
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    What theme is it so I don't install it during my theme madness days?
  8.    #8 and but im not sure if its the theme or something i did, but i installed it via Webos Quick Install JUST the way in the directions, and i did it before with the Neon theme and everything was kosher...until now haha
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    i somehow fixed it, thanks for EVERYONE's inputs

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