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    This would be AWESOME!!!!
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    Download Pixelpipe application from homebrew.
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    It saves them right in the /media/internal partition. You can send an email with them, I'm not sure about uploads, but yeah the Pixelpipe should do. I know youtube can handle almost anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRock View Post
    This would be AWESOME!!!!
    "Speaking of, I've got a early build of an upcoming project that should be able to handle YouTube direct uploading, more info pending" by Jason Robitaille

    mention on Rec Vid thread...
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    Just send it via email directly to your YouTube address. Every YouTube user has one.
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    I got one unique email from youtube . I saved it in the contacts naming "upload YT".
    typing upload will call the contacts. Then clicking email and attach the video. There you go.

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