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    Is there a case the will provide some protection for oreoing. I am looking for some type of snap on case. I don't want to use a holster or pouch. I prefer to just keep phone in pocket but would like to have some level or protection for it.
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    Sprint sells a Pre cover that clips on front and back and provides a little "track" for the phone to slide and that should help with oreo, also is compatible with the Touchstone battery door.
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    i like the siedeo innocase myself but as you will hear tha tabs breaks off if you take it off often but if you leave it on it will last a while . it is the most form fitting case there is that i have found ,so you dont get that bulky feel . but to each his own have a great day!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    There is only 1 case that is just a snap on on sprints website. I imagine that's the one you are talking about? I'm not really that concerned with size just would like to protect the phone and help keep it from oreoing.
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    ..... oreoing.
    I bet both Merriam AND Webster are turning over in their graves, lol.
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    Sprint case 100%!!!

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