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    So i lost all of my contacts when i got a replacement phone and loaded my palm profile and everything was gone, so im trying to figure out for my brothers Pre if there is a way to transfer his palm profile contacts to his Pocket mirror account??
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    Most of the efforts to extract Palm Profile Contacts have been aimed at creating a CSV file and then typically importing them to a Google account. Some folks have also had a Sprint store copy their contacts after setting up a Google account. If you search, you should find several threads on this.

    Not sure if Pocket Mirror can handle the same type of CSV file, but that's probably your best bet.
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    You may also check out this article.
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    So i did what ryleyinstl said to do and i got as far as getting the contacts on my computer as PalmDatabase.dbs and im now trying to export them into outlook. Know of anyways to do this?

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