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    Check your settings, for some reason my network time zone keep changing to Canada and I am in Illinois. So I turned off network time zone and changed it to US-Chicago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insp_Gadget View Post
    My suggestion is to remove the Google account from your Pre (make sure you still know your Google credentials) and then re-add it back.
    It's probably some time-zone/DST bug that went undiagnosed.
    Wait. Before you delete anything, check your Google settings. Make sure you are set for the right time zone. I had similar problems (not quite the same) and I had forgotten to set the time zone for one of my Google accounts.
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    OK, do this. Go to the dining room. Is Gramma there? Is there a lot of food on the table? Is one of the food items really big? And golden brown? Do you see pie on the sideboard?

    Hey, who are we to say it's NOT Thanksgiving? And, if this keeps up, it's gonna be Thanksgiving eventually!

    p.s. I vote for a screwy Google calendar.
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    thanks you guys rock
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyolsen View Post
    thanks you guys rock
    OK, so what fixed it? Or do you just appreciate that others were there for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosterman View Post
    OK, so what fixed it? Or do you just appreciate that others were there for you?
    Yeah!! What he said! Tell us what fixed it!
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    now my calendar is completely empty, and my phone isn't syncing with google for some reason. it says "you may not have calendars enabled for this account." YAY FOR ME!!
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    that's after i deleted google and re-added.
    johnny olsen
    photography, digital imaging and web hosting
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    Are you able to access Google Calendar from your desktop?
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    The same thing happened to me with my all day calendar entries. Not just the Thanksgiving, but all of them were a day earlier. This started on the 25th. Since I was out of town and too busy to do anything about it, I waited. Oddly enough, it corrected itself on the 27th. Could changing time zones or using airplane mode cause the calendar date sync to change. I have palm profile, facebook, google, sportscalender, where, and yahoo synced. However, I only put these entries in the google calendar, I don't use any of the rest of the calendars. I wish I had looked at the google calender online to see if it was out of sync as well.
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