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    Is there a way to do it?

    I'm gonna send my Pre to Palm today and wanted to delete Apps, Patches and a Theme that is still installed. w/o SIM my computer can't connect to it, errors are showing that patches and stuff coudlnt be uninstalled the way they should.

    I restored it with the setup menu on the phone into delivery thing... But the Theme I once installed is still there.

    Any ideas?

    [The slider is broken after 1 week and 3days by the way, just by sliding. Never let it fall, never wore it in a front pocket. Didn't even shout at it.]
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    login to you palm profile from the web page and click i lost my phone and click erase phone...this will erase the entire phone of all settings and date (including all your contacts on the phone). takes about 2 hours to perform....
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    Okay thanks, didn't think about this one lol ^^
    Does putting themes and (homebrew) patches take away the guarantee? That's actually why I have to erase the stuff =.=
    When I resett this one and send the phone to Pre afterwards won't they ask? 'Cause this is kinda like an emergency button saying "when it is stolen or lost" what it actually is not?

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