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    Can anyone give me their experience using WebOS Doctor? I've heard mixed reviews with others experiences, some praise it while others say its caused problems with their phone. My phone is having some small issues that I'm hoping can be fixed with this. I do not however want my phone to have worse problems afterward, or put back into pre activation state. Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    webOS Doctor returns your phone to the way it was when it come out of the box. Not to many ways for this to destroy your phone. That siad, a number of folks have found that the Palm Backup isn't working and they end up loosing data. Sync everything with a Google account before you run webOS Doctor.

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    I just bricked my phone by using one of the 600mhz patches yesterday. I was able to recover everything by using webOS Doctor. Surprisingly, it kept all of my data - including MP3s, pictures, books, etc. - on the USB drive (the setup said that it would delete everything). I was happy. I did have to reinstall patches and homebrew. Any data associated with homebrew was gone (e.g. Checkbook Beta), but data associated with App Catalog info remained. I was sad that my Music Player Remix flylists were gone, but I can live with that.

    Oh, and an extra thanks to the person who told me to take out the battery, and put it back in while holding the 'up' volume button down - my PC would not have been able to access it otherwise!

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