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Hi Janik,

I'm from Denmark as well. I also have a German Pre. I have exactly the same issue Palm has locked us out. You need an "official" Pre SIM card to activate your phone with the valid information. An alternative is to take a Turbo SIM card with cloned information, then your local Telecompanies SIM card and activate the phone that way. Else you will end up with this issue. At least this is what I can read from the forums. There are many other people like you and me who are stuck here. It really sucks and makes our phone "yet another ordinary cell phone". If anyone else have another suggestion on how to make the App Catalog available for us, the don't hesitate to write

- RasmusJV, Denmark @ TDC/Telmore Cell Network
i am from belgium using germany o2 pre. i have same problem. i don't know why it is not working. if you find any solution please provide info.

thanks already.