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    i dont know how all of your stores work, but I just had my palm replaced yesterday and before they did anything I had to sign an acknowledgement that Sprint was not responsible for any lost data (contacts,mp3s, ringers, etc...)

    and i dont care who you are or how big your guarantee is .. i ALWAYS back up my contacts to an excel spreadsheet. call me old school, but i too, know better than to only have them in the phone. what if you fried the phone by dropping it in the toilet (been there done that) can't get contacts off THAT phone.

    independent backup backup backup
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr2dxtream View Post
    Oh so back in the day when the boxes the the Treo's came in where labeled that it would be wifi capable and then later recanted it because they couldn't do it ( when that was the reason some bought the phone was for that feature) was ok too. they got last a class action suit because of it . so what is the differents here as far as im concerned wifi in a treo what a "gravy" feature whether it be software or hardware, a feature non the less.
    That is different that is an actual hardware capability....WiFi......Palm provides the hardware Sprint provides the service.

    Contacts and contact backup is not a piece of equipment or a service...IE..service = something you pay for.

    How about you start paying extra for everything Sprint and or PAlm gives you for nothing...

    Lets see.....Contact back up $4
    email $10
    pictures via texting $10
    etc etc etc

    Do you get the picture

    They are giving you something for free, no charge.....and you want them to pay you if it doesnt work????
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