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    Palm today we invite contributors to this blog to the submission of its Pre Palm new team which will be released in Telcel this Friday, 27 November 2009, we were very lucky to see the equipment and test it before launch date, the characteristics of the equipment mentioned is the incorporation of Web Palm OS operating system which we must say he has a very rapid response capability and true multitasking among many other features, team size is ideal for sustained and operated with one hand, browsing at 3G speed, its 3.1-inch screen has 320x480 color 24-bit, 3-megapixel camera with LED flash, built-in accelerometer as many of these phones tactile difference is that the accelerometer responds in the 4 directions unlike the other accelerometers that respond in only two directions, ie iTunes connectivity can get your music to pre like an iPod (although Apple has a dispute about this and not allow new versions however if used older versions of iTunes if it works), No external memory (card), has 8GB internal OS takes up almost 1GB so that we are approx. 7GB available, can be used as USB storage unit has integrated GPS are amazed by the accuracy of this even when we were under cover, has Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree exclusive but not for data exchange, has the ability to connect to WiFi networks, something interesting about this team is that will be available as an optional extra not included with the phone charger to recharge the battery which the mere contact of Pre surfaces without any connector that is be done by means of magnetism without any wires or connectors, has speaker, please use a software program called Synergy to synchronize all information with the PC, and can have up to 70 applications running simultaneously.

    The team in general looks and feels great, will certainly have the acceptance is expected in a market already very competitive, remember that long ago left his Palm Os Palm to migrate their computers after Windows Mobile and Windows now leaves Mobile betting everything in its new operating system Palm OS web which looks very promising, in good hour to venture into this brand by a sea infested with predatory competitors.

    It is important to mention that Datacel staff had the opportunity to share your presentation with our good friend the Argentine Gustavo Torres In Touch Digital - Soluciones en Comunicación online magazine.

    Datacel: Presentación Palm Pre en Telcel
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    Quote Originally Posted by akitayo View Post
    ... and can have up to 70 applications running simultaneously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J0415 View Post
    Yes I know, maybe the mexican writer of this article was amazed with Pre and exagerated the 70 apps and he is wrong , although the spanish to english translation is correct.
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    Some members here can't even open more than 2 apps before it says "too many cards" lol
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    pours a shot of tequila for the mexicans... ole!
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    Hmmm the most I can open is 20 but it depends which apps.

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