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    I wonder if it could be that the Alltel towers died out (no longer in use) at your location?

    I know Alltel roams on Verizon, but it may be posible the speicific tower you were using became unoperational?

    anyhow, good news on the mobile-mobile minutes, I will test this out for 1month or so and come back with an update
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    Hmmm, I don't know if this is related to webOS 1.4.5 or not (I have the leaked doctor for Sprint) but a couple of weeks ago I tried PRL 40065 on webOS again for kicks and still had no luck, EVDO did not work. I doctored to 1.4.5 last week and decided to try PRL 40065 again last night, and it works again! Great EVDO speeds too and better RSSI and battery life. I'm very happy and I hope it lasts this time.
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    Warning to anyone doing this... USE THE DATA SPARINGLY!!! I've done this for 3 months and Sprint has recently called me to tell me that since I've been using too much roaming data, they want me to switch carriers. I would love to take them on the offer of waiving the early termination fee, but Verizon's prices aren't nearly as good. But to reiterate; USE SPARINGLY! Doing this hack will also make your voice calls roam. Remember that roaming minutes aren't included with nights, weekends, and mobile to mobile, so if you do this, it'll take from your regular minutes.
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    Thanks, I'll definitely keep that in mind.
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    this is illegal
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