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    I have been a pre owner since the June 6th Launch and have had ZERO problems with my Pre. However, TODAY it is acting weird. For some reason, the SCREEN will NOT turn off unless I manually hit the power button for a second. For example, if I get a text message, the screen turns on (of course). But then, it will not turn off draining my battery.

    The ONLY thing I have done different to my pre since yesterday was install the latest version of My Tether (donor's version).

    Has anyone had this problem?

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    I charged my pre for about 20 minutes. Now the screen is turning off just fine on it's own. WEIRD.... Working fine now. Therefore, I do not think this had anything to do with My Tether (which by the way is an awesome app if you don't own it already). You can find it on My Tether : Tethering for Palm Pre - turn your Palm Pre into 3G WiFi router!

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