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    Damn, and I've been so careful up to this point too!

    When it fell it was in that little pouch thing(I know it doesn't protect it much, but I hate cases). Even still though a small peice of the screen on the top left chipped off and there are a few cracks running along the top and side(none on the screen however). I'm in Canada, with bell. I'm not sure what warrenty comes with the phone, I didn't get any extra, but I am wondering what I should do to get this fixed, call bell or palm? How much will repairs cost? Thanks in advanced.
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    I live in the states...not sure. I'd use the insurance thats available through sprint. Not sure how bell operates.
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    No included warranty will help you on this one.
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    I hate dropping phones that sucks.
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    I dropped mine off my balcony a couple days ago. Small piece of plastic broke off but its held on by my screen protector; as well as a small oreo effect now. The case fell off before my pre bounced through the handrail. 25ft to concrete... everything works great still i know in us the insurance means you only pay 100$ to get a replacement
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    Lol that's good to know I guess. But I'm still wondering what I should do? Do I have to get a replacement or can I pay for repairs?

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