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    I'm sorta new - I'm trying to install the Sprint Nav stuff on my Bell (Canadian) Palm Pre.

    The steps look easy enough.

    I "installed" Novacom via WebOS 2.9 -- but how do I know if it installed properly or not ? like is there an App ? how can i verify

    thanks dudes!!!
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    windows xp: go to start, run, and type services.msc
    Vista or 7: start button, type services.msc

    under the list of services that comes up, see if "Palm Novacom" is in the list. If so they it is installed. If not, then it isnt.
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    It should also be in:

    Add/remove programs > Novacomd
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    i have a modified version of novacom driver for windows vista 32bit that works the first time every time lol if anyone is having trouble with novacom driver

    just message me your email
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Hey i would be cool if i can get that driver for vista. thank u and my e-mail is oscar-cas live

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