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    I study in a University that uses EduRoam, a special type of network that alows all students to connect to the internet. I've been reading some manuals and obviously there is no config for Pre (there's just a few in portugal yet), only for Win, Linux and Iphone. Unfortunatly I can't seem to connect into the network on my Pre so, I'll describe the configs for Iphone and linux and perhaps someone can help me.


    # Settings.
    # Select WiFi.
    # Select Other.
    # Name: eduroam.
    # Security: WPA Enterprize.
    # Insert username and password.
    # Select eduroam.
    # Accept the certificate.
    # Done.

    On my Pre I've tryed this: I've installed the certificate (both windows and linux) and i've tryed to connect to eduroam with Enterprize and Personal and inserted my username and password but none works.

    For Linux:

    You need a computer with a wireless card eth0 and a program called WPA_SUPPLICANT.

    1. Install wpa_supplicant
    2. Verify if dhclient and wireless-tools are installed(comes with the distribution)

    1. Copy the certificate FMUP-ROOT-CA.pem to /root
    2. Copiar the file wpa_supplicant.conf to /etc and edit it puting username and password.

    1. Copy to /root and edit it with your wireless card settings
    2. Execute with /root/

    Now i'll post the wpa_supplicant.conf


    # proto=WPA
    identity="username goes here"
    password="password goes here"
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    The problem is that the Pre does not support eap=TTLS and phase2 auth=PAP

    The pre does have a supplicant but does not support that combination at this time.
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    Thank you very much for the answer. it seems that its possible to use PEAP as well. It works with Pre?

    This is frustrating.
  4.    #4 is out and all looks the same. Anyone have a clue on this?
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    You're stuck.

    Write up a description of the problem at the Bug Report forum in the forums at

    Also, consider emailing a copy of the description of the problem to

    basically, we're not going to be able to help you.
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    It sucks cause my university supports Safari on Iphone but no other mobile web browser.

    We have to download a security thing... and I cannot with the Pre... the university just rejects the connection after 5 minutes.
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    No eduroam for me either - is there any chance that PEAP Authentication with a RADIUS Server can be implemented by anyone else but Palm?
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    Maybe talk to your university IT department and see if they can add an unsecure wifi?

    My school has both. I connect to the secure WPA with my netbook, and the unsecured "public" wifi with my Pre+. Though, it's not actually "public", as it still requires a university-assigned username and password... that way, they can limit access to faculty and students.

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