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    Ok in my efforts to replace itunes for syncing services it appears that some of my music (amazon downloads) have dissapeared. The odd thing is I can still use the music app on my pre to play them. I have connected my pre in usb mode and did a search and the only thing it can find is the directory structure where the music files were stored but no music. Where is my pre playing them from? I thought that maybe they were stuck in a different directory so I did a search on the pre drive (i drive) and still nothing.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    I believe iTunes stores it's music in a "hidden" directory. The Pre Music Player will find them, but you may not see them in USB mode unless you specifically look for them. On a PC there's a Folder Option to "Show hidden files and directories" ... not sure about other systems. Try that.
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    Ok seems what occurred in one of my attempts at itunes syncing is that itunes decided to convert my mp3 to m4a's and in the process moved, renamed, and hid them in a directory called ipod control
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    Yep. iTunes is evil! You're much better off without it

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