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    i upgraded before i read that your supposed to delete all patches aka tweaks before i i can still use the homebrew and add more homebrew but i cant use tweaks or patches it says connection problem or something like that...and i tried to use the doctor and it said it had an error.anyone kno what i hsould do?

    i got 1.3.1
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    Uninstall your theme(if you have one installed), then run the EPR app from Preware. See if that works. If it doesn't run the Backup App on your Pre & use the lastest WebOS Doctor from Palm.

    Sucks but that's about all you can do m8.
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    i jus got the preware...what is the epr app?
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    Open up Preware, go to the list everything section & type in "emer" (no quotes) it's the third one down. Make sure to uninstall your theme(if you have one installed) first. Then just tap & install(run) the EPR app. If you got alot of patches installed it will take a few mins to run. I think it resets luna for you. If not just reset your Pre using "Orange+Sym+R".

    If that doesn't work your going to have to run WebOS Doctor 1.3.1

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