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    DOes anyone know if udating to web os 1.3.1 form 1.0.4 would be a problem. I did it before, but got a terrible glitch where the phones screen would power itself while on standby. I have my pre connected to cricket service, and i would like to avoid using web OS doctor because i would have to have the activation screen bypassed again. And when they do the activation screen bypass, the web OS version installed is 1.0.4. I was wondering if the update went wrong for me or if the problem is trying to update from such an old version?
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    I have now confirmed after my third try at updating to 1.3.1 is a problem for people with pre's connected to cricket. The glitch is that the screen will not saty off. It will turn on a least three times a minute, as if you were getting a notification but you will have not recieved anything. DO NOT UPDATE unless ur willing to charge your pre like three times a day, and to have the battery life shortened by like one third of what it is suppposed to be.
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    Nice. Way to bring up a 5 month old topic.

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