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    Ever since this stupid update last week, my phone won't properly "sync" with the email servers.

    I review my emails on the Pre as they come in. The ones I don't want get deleted. These are properly being removed from the server and are not downloaded to outlook. This is all good.

    BUT - there are some emails which come into the Pre that I need to save. Before the update, emails left on the Pre would be downloaded by outlook and WOULD DISAPPEAR FROM THE HANDSET. This is no longer happening.

    Now I have to delete them all from the handset after outlook downloads. I don't wanna touch each message twice! C'mon! Help me!!
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    your not alone, same here.
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    It would seem that this is a feature change.
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    Unfortunately, Palm felt the need to change functionally of our phones to match that of the POP standard in WebOS 1.3.2. It does not seem to matter to Palm if we, the users want that or not.

    See :Post 1.3.1 update POP issues - Wireless Email - Palm Support Community
    at Palm's Support Web site for a fairly long thread describing this.

    Also - Go to their feedback page Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA and voice your dissatisfaction with this change, and request they turn back the function to that of 1.2.1.

    Please - the more people that complain, the more likely we will have a fix for this.

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