Hello all,
i try to transfer files over sftp to my pre via wlan (to /media/internal).
I installed Optware with the optware-bootstrap.sh-script (i used the description webos-internals.org/wiki/Next_steps).
After installing i have a new user, which can login via ssh (putty).
I changed the r/w-mode of / with "mount -o remount,rw /"
With the newly created user i can start the sftp-sever with "sudo /opt/libexec/sftp-server"
Afterwards i can connect with fireftp to my pre an can change files in the home-directory of the user.
I dont have the permissons to change anything within the /media/internal - thats where i want to copy mp3, pictures, etc.
When i put the stuff in the home-directory i can move it to /media/internal (only when i write sudo before the cp-command).
I have tried to change the dmask/fmask while remounting /media/internal - but the man-page said, that its not possible to change this parameters while remounting. Changes in mtab doent work either - (only symlinks to process).
Using another user with root-privileges doesnt work either.

I read that several people have managed the problem
Changing the owner like in the thread 189957-sftp-permissions.html seems to be no good idea for me.

Do you have any ideas why i can write into the home-dir but cant write into /media/internal (reading looks good)?????
I will be happy for every help solving my problem.

Kind regards,

PS: i was not able to paste the full links due to some restrictions of this board :-(