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    I was at a party and was trying to get some songs off my pre to add to the party's playlist. The host plugged the pre into his Mac. The Mac didn't react to the pre at all. After giving up on getting music off, we looked for the ability to eject the pre, but couldn't find it through the UI (I know very little about how Mac's work).

    So, giving up, I unplugged it. The device immediately reset and that was the end. The Pre stayed at the "Palm" screen (without any glowing throb effect) ever since.

    I was able to get the device into USB mode and run webdoctor on it. Webdoctor appeared to happily did it's job without complaint and then attempted the reset the Pre. But nothing had changed.

    Sprint is replacing the device.

    I'm not really looking for answers. If someone has a "Oh, I know what that is", then I'm happy to hear it, but otherwise, I'm just putting this out there in the spirit of another story to add to the problems that can arise from a Pre.

    Still, I love the device.
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    Weird. To eject on a mac you drag the Pre hard drive icon to the trash. (Don't know why you can't just right click as well.)
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    Well that's just weird. Macs should handle USB removal better than that.
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    The host didn't know how to unmount that from his own Mac?
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    Sorry. we both know how to normally remove the pre, but, I mentioned that the mac didn't react to the pre being plugged in (despite the pre being in media sync mode). So, there was no icon to move to the trash. I assume there's a way to do it at a command line, but, in that way, I wasn't familiar with a mac.
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    Media sync was your mistake. You should have selected USB mode then there would have been an icon
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    I've got a Pixi in the same state...not sure how it got there, it's my wife's phone.

    How did you get it into USB mode? I can't even do that...tried plugging it in and hitting orange + sym + U with no luck. Kinda screwed.

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    almost sound like the pre went to sleep because it didnt have enough battery power??
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    you can right click on mac to eject, you can also highlight the pre icon and press apple+E or drag to trash. Weird cuz my pre is recognized & works better on my mac than my windows. Probably was in media sync mode which you would of had to eject through itunes if it read it
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    this is worth a shot, take the battery out for a minute or two, maybe that will reset it.
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    Hi, I have a very Ill Pre+, It only shows Pal logo but with no glow effect-
    WebOsDoctor stops at 8%, any clues.?
    Someone told me that it can be related to a flash memory error, is ther any
    way to confirm that. Or a way to format the flash and start over again.
    Or Any tool beside webdoctor. Thanks

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