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    didn't know it (till I read it here ) - but Google talk is a massive strain on the battery. I was getting ~10-12%/hr drain before removing the account (since I don't need it). Now, ~2.5-3.5% (with the PowerScaling 500mhz patch).
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    heres something to keep in mind in regards to patches and battery life

    it seems that some patches or settings created by patches are backup in the palm profile so anyone doctoring their phone to do a clean start may not be getting a clean start after all
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    My battery life is generally great but sometimes it'll implode and drain from 100% to 30% in under an hour for example
    And then from 30% to 0% is just a matter of minutes... That happens to me as well and is VERY annoying if it happens when you do need the phone but can't charge it right away Haven't understood yet what is draining the battery so much so quickly every now and then.
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