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    Hello everyone--

    Back when I first got the pre at launch, I was on the homebrew app train, and installed a bunch with filecoaster. However, pretty soon after that, I began to see my phone performance take a nosedive and get slower and slower.

    It got to the point where it would take me 8 seconds just to open the SMS app or the browser. Since I didn't do anything differently except install the homebrews, I assumed that was the cause.

    At the same time, I received a replacement Pre (the old one had an oreo slider), and didn't mess with that one out of fear that the same lagginess and slowing down might happen.

    However, I really want to try out patches, but has anybody experienced these slowing down their phones or making them lag?
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    I've noticed that after 1.2 was installed and did a 'Partial Erase' (on its own) my Pre became snappier again. But I strongly believe that to be due to cleaning out my texts, IMs, emails and such. Since then, it's gone back to its slight sluggishness in that I think I should do another 'Partial Erase'.

    But due to homebrew, I don't believe it to be, at least in my experience.

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