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    I got very excited with the 1.31 pach being made availale in Europe.

    Then got very disappointed to get 'Unable to connect.Try again later' all day yesterday. I tried lots of times.

    Is anyone else getting this ? Anyone know why ? Do I need to uninstall patches and themese before I even check for an update ? I have pre ware installed, a theme and some patches (not all of them that work on 1.13 but some)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Yes, yes, yes, YES. Always uninstall your themes and patches before an update. They change system files.

    Preware can stay, it's just an application, but remove the theme and atches.

    As for the updates, try rebooting your phone and turning on wifi. It's a faster download than Edge or 3G.
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    Thanks for the reminder. I know I need to remove the patches before the update but I am wondering if it could be the patches that are stopping the update from even connecting or downloading ?

    At the moment I don't even get offered the chance to download the update, just get told 'Unable to connect. Try again later' is that being caused by the patches and theme being present ?

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