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    I've done some more testing with flash enabled and have come back with some mixed results. The majority of my files, both audio and video, would not work when flash was enabled. The audio files that worked would have choppy sound that would cut in and out. I only had one video file with flash work, while the others I tested did not play back on my PC. The audio/video formats and the container were kept at default while the only change was the media source.

    I'll try using alternate file formats with flash to see if they fare better than the default settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gage006 View Post
    Let the Palm pron commence.
    Video or it didn't happen!

    I installed via the command line and it's running smoothly. One thing I've noticed: if you select mp3 audio encoding the resulting video does not show up in the Videos app (but does get saved to /media/internal).
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    That's it - thanks, Enormous. I had audio off - turned it on and set both formats to AAC / AVC. Videos now showing up in Videos App!
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    Wow, amazing development. Consider this thread subscribed and I will be testing this throughout the day!
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    i have also shot a few videos and they look amazing. palm did a great job picking a good camera for our phones.
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    Thanks for this.

    I have installed it and testing it produces video files which are 0 bytes in size. Don't quite know what I did wrong as I followed the install instructions to the letter.

    If it's any help I'm running a GSM Pre on 1.3.1
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    I will be following this thread eagerly
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    Thanks for the hard work!!!!!!!!! Now I want to be able to send videos via sms/mms. Everytime I try, I get a error message.
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    This is fantastic! Followed wiki instructions, works like a charm! I'm beside myself at what you guys are pulling off over there at webos-internals

    The original post says something about posting a donation link at a later time.. will that be a separate donation link or can we just go ahead and send to the standard webos-internals address via paypal?

    EDIT : here's a youtube link to a test I did this morning with Precorder -
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    do i need to have 1.3.1 on my CDMA Pre to make video work?
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    No sound on mine but still all I can say is wow.
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    Sorry do have sound just very low but this is amazing.
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    This is fantastic. As far as I'm concerned all this needs to be perfectly usable is some kind of feedback in terms of its working (as it sometimes doesn't record as you probably already know). Live preview isn't something I really care about at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    do i need to have 1.3.1 on my CDMA Pre to make video work?
    no need for CDMA pre... u need 1.3.1 webOS
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    I'll be playing with this through the day and try sending some tests through MMS too.

    Initial test with flash is very good. Not choppy at all but the "focal length" of the camera has always been a disappointment to me. Maybe I just take closer photos than most ):
    The camera will not be good for any POV videos.
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    Outstanding stuff guys!

    Really nice!
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    So far so good screen timer went black after 30 secs but still recorded. I guess that could be a good thing or bad thing. Maybe have the app in landscape since thats the way it shows in the video file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Has anyone tested it on a Pixi yet?

    The bootstrap script should work for both the Pre and the Pixi, since we separately packaged the service for both armv6 (Pixi) and armv7 (Pre).

    -- Rod
    If it works on the Pixi is there any thought to change the name to something different? Just a thought. I really couldn't care less but I thought I would throw it out there.
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    is it able to record , and imidiatly be seen or the pre?
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    Hooowwww did you get sound? Voice recorder next! Thanks!

    Also, fyi, my first video was not blank. It was perfect.
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