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    Its annoying when the phone dies and then you have to wait for the phone to charge for like 5 mins and then wait for it to boot up. it seems to always do this with like 5% bettery left too. is there anyway to make the data shut off or put the phone in airplane mode instead of it completely shutting down.

    I really hate that charge time when the phone dies
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    try not to let it die out like that , what it is ,is that if the battery dies all the way out its not good for the battery to do that so they put that in there .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I usually get to the charger on time, but the other day i was 1 inch away from laying my phone on the touchstone but it shut off before i could, i was in a serious conversation to i got so mad... but i guess if its good for the battery i cant complain. i just wish there was an alternative option for it

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