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    I'm trying to install this patch (virtual keyboard) and it keeps on saying error installing see ipkg log, I used to have it before. Anybody has any ideas
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    Can you post the log? There is probably a file conflict (one that was changed through another patch), and the log will give the answers.
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    Did you have it before 1.3.1. You may have to delete the vk folder from you pre, then try it.
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    I always get ipkg log errors when I try to install new apps with Preware via the mobile network. Since I use my wifi connection there is no error anymore. Maybe it helps.

    There is also a patch in Preware to remove an old keyboard installation for a clean re-installation. Dunno if that could help.
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    i couldnt get it to work either, this may not be related but i turned dev mode off, then i rebooted then i refreshed feeds then it installed fine. you can try that i to see if it will help you!
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    Had same problem. Ran Emergency patch recovery, rebooted , then installed virtual keyboard , and it works fine now.

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