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    Was able to update everything else but that, I get the caution symbol
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    I believe the update is a paid version, because it's in the app catalog that way.
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    I was receiving the same error. Realized that I had both the paid version and the free version. The update is for the paid version. Think it just says that it is an update when the pre sees you have the free version. Just delete the free version if you have the paid one, no need to keep it.
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    I had trouble updating so I decided to delete the one on my Pre and do a fresh install. Big mistake. Where is mCraig now? I cannot find it in the App Catalog. Is there a way I can get the old one? (FYI: I am on Bell, in Canada.)
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    i am having the same problem
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    Wow thats a bad deal. First of all that issue is resolved by reinstalling the app BUT the kicker is that mCraig app went to paid now so to reinstall the app you need to pay for either the 1.99 one or 2.99 USD one. Much of these apps at the start were free but was for a limited time till eCommerce kicked in.

    Cannot update the free version of the app that is now paid so its kinda a blindshoot with the caution symbol till you do decide to delete and reinstall with the credit card ready. One of the prices we paid as being early adopters
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    There is no more free version. I doctor'd and now have to purchase it.

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