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    so yeah, as the header, I gave up.... I just went online, reserved me an iPhone with Apple, picking it up tomorrow....

    Too many problems:
    -this is my 5th Pre (different issues from stuck camera to phone on and off on it's own, to missing pictures upon taking them even in front of Sales Rep at Radio Shack, not charging, then last but not least, dropped and had to replace for the 2nd time (not clumsy, just slippery as a m.f.).

    So I've had it, I'm replacing it one more time, then passing it on to Wifey (she wants Picie, so I'll trade). I'm ending my contract as of Wed with Sprint (currently on month to month, didn't extend to get Pre, i extended my Wife's contract for Pre).

    Sorry Pre but damn...I seriously can't recall having these many issues...with all my cell phones combined!!!!

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    (holds door open) c-ya. Sorry I haven't had 1 single thing wrong with my Pre that wasn't my own error.

    I've played with the iPhone and while it is nice it is isn't perfect either. Besides I hate AT&T and right now that is the only company you can have the iPhone with. I'd rather have podunk Cricket service before AT&T.
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    good luck, hopefully you wont get "rick rolled"
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    There really isn't any need to Post a Thread that you're leaving.

    Hope you enjoy your choice.

    Just call me Berd.

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