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    Just ran WebOS doctor downloaded today from the Palm site for O2 UK Phones. I had upgraded to Sprint ROM so I could get 1.3.1 early. Now they have released the UK one I want to put that on. Once it was run I noticed 3 things. The version was 1.3.1 straight away not 1.1.3 like I expected and my Music and photos were still on the device. Also I still have 4 pages of menu items not 3????

    When looking at the sys information it says Config is World Ready 1.0 and Carrier is ROW.. Should this be like that or should it say something else. All the sprint apps have gone from the device?!?
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    im not sure about the other stuff since i have CDMA pre through Sprint, but as far as Music and Photos, the 1.3.1 Doctor doesnt touch your USB Drive, thats why that stuff is still there.
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    If this helps I have a UK 02 pre but so far have not been able to get the update.

    My phone shows version Palm web OS 1.1.3 and Config World Ready 1.0. Carrier also shows ROW
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    Oh in that case. It look like it worked then. Cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewwardlaw View Post
    Oh in that case. It look like it worked then. Cool!
    No probs, also found to get my update working I had to complete a device reset, and amazinlg the update now appears to be downloading

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