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    error code 20, modem

    anyone have any idea what that means?
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    Something wrong with 20 modems. Better go fix them.
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    "Error #20. Error Message: The system cannot find the specified device. Solution: 1. Ensure that the right modem has been selected"
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    i think it was because data was turned off........
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    I ran it too with wifi off and got error code 100 modem...I guess it cant test what isnt running.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy1100 View Post
    error code 20, modem

    anyone have any idea what that means? this same error when I was having some problems with my Pre's reception.

    Apparently this error comes from the Pre not being able to ping a tower to get the "connection" especially with EvDo. So there is two possibilities for this error:

    1) Data off
    2) Tower connection poor

    In my case, as I found out from the Sprint store much later, is that they were working on the tower near my house (which apparently I have only 1 and its 3 miles away) thus I wasnt getting a without WiFi I could not use data, and in a lot of cases could not make/receive calls. Now it all makes sense, but it took me 3 days, 2 doctors, hours with CS that didnt know about it, and a trip to my local Repair center to find this out.

    So my suggestion:

    1) Check to see if your data is on,
    2) Update PRL then Network Settings in the phone preferences,
    3) Call the Repair center closest to you (if there is a tower problem the local stores usually get an email about the issue)
    4) Hard reset your phone
    5) Doctor
    6) Sprint CS call / Tech Support
    7) Return

    Please follow the steps in that order for best results!
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    this post put me at ease...thanks PreCentral....

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