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    I hope I worded that right. It seems ever since I upgraded to v1.3.1 the aGPS mode no longer works When I'm outdoors the GPS seems to work well enough but if I'm in a building, my Pre cannot locate my position at all any more

    It used to work quite well when I got the phone, but now nothing! Even worse, if I use an app like "Where" and it goes to seek out my current location, it will come back claiming I am still at the location where I last successfully used GPS outdoors(?!?) I work about 50 miles from my home, yet here I sit in my office and the Pre is claiming I am still at home! Is this a known problem? What can I do about it??

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    AWWWWWW Damnit....I just replied to post about the GPS stuttering after the update. I didn't even try WHERE until i seen your post. I just launched it and had it find me and it took along time trying to locate me and came up with "Unknown Place"..haha...wonderful

    I'm going to head out for lunch and see if i get it to work on the road
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    Thanks for checking Mike. I'm still unsure if this problem is hardware or software or,, what??

    But because the thing works fairly OK outside then I suspect some sort of software glitch. It apparently can work with satellite GPS pretty good, but CAN'T do the cell tower triangulation thing.. is that controlled by 2 separate antennas inside the phone?

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