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    I would run out today and purchase 2 Palm Pixis, or Pres for my kids for Christmas if it wasn't for the darn batteries.

    Between the video playing capability, the integrated browsing and communication, decent MP3 player, etc., not to mention the apps., I would love to give both kids one.

    However, this is also their safety line, there is NO WAY I can give them a phone that will die before they get home.

    Is there any hope for the batteries on the pixi or pre this year or am I just being unrealistic that a multifunction device like this can last a day?
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    the key is to limit the amout of apps you have running. or get the bigger battery. i was able to get a day and a half if i kept things off i did not need. when you say kids, im assuming school age, they should not be using the phone that much during school anyway.

    the battery on my pre would last about the same as my mogul, for me about 1/2-3/4 of a day, but i am a heavy talker (4-5k min a month). i prepare myself with a charger at home, in my car and at work.
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    not to mention there are things you can do to a lion battery to make it last longer. i have had to do things to EVERY one to get more life out of it.

    there are a lot of techniques here in the forum. my favorite is keeping 100% charge as much as possible for 3-5 days. every 30-60 min unplug it let it sit for 30-60 seconds and plug it back in. do this for a few good days and you will see a huge improvement. i learned this from a guy who used to design batteries years ago.

    i realize it should be solid right out of the box but i have yet to find a phone battery that is.

    this battery is really no different then other phones of the same caliber (my friends who have i phones, g1, g3 etc complain of the same thing)
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    if your school-aged kids are using phones heavily enough during school hours that they kill the battery before they get home I don't think buying a Pre is your biggest problem
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    I have a spare battery that I carry with me but I have mine last all day long (6:30 am through 10ish at night) and I play around all the time and am surfing the net and downloading apps etc on 1 battery.
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    Lol @ parental advice on a Phone forum 8)

    Lets face it, if I had a Pre in school...Id def be texting and im'ing and facebooking away...we all would.

    But....if YOUR kids DO all that stuff I mentioned above, then they will most certainly kill their batteries within 5 hours. Especially since most schools are notorious for having bad signals. Either buy them one of the larger, 3rd party batteries..or make sure they know how to manage their power.
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    Seidio 1350 battery helps.

    Also, you can get a patch/app that lets you rapidly disable data. With no data running, the phones battery life triples.

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