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    Hm, I updated to 1.3.1 today and installed a few patches, und just now I noticed, that the operator ID is sometimes displayed as @@@@@
    Not that much of a problem, everything seems to work fine, and if I do something that makes him think about the network, like calling someone or clicking on "manual operator selection" etc, it switches back to simyo, but I'm kinda curious if anyone else saw this happening or had any idea what myPre is trying to tell me...
    None of the patches I installed had anything to do with changing the operator field...

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    This happens on my Pre also from time to time. Also on simyo.
    But more often, the GSM modem seems to reset itself. I have to re-enter the SIM PIN again when this happens. I haven't yet figured out what action triggers this fault.

    Does this happen to you too?
    Did this happen to anyone else, not using a simyo card?
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    WebOS 1.4.1. addresses this issue. Updating to this version should resolve the problem. Please report back if 1.4.1. does not resolve the issue for you.
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