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    I have been having a problem with my Exchange account ever since I installed 1.3.1 where essentially the server starts rejecting my password after a certain period of time (usually between 1 and 24 hours after adding the account). The only way to [temporarily] fix it is to delete the account on the Pre, add it back in, and then it works just fine again for another 1-24 hours. I've talked with my IT and they say all the server information I have in the settings are correct.

    Anyone else having a similar problem? It makes my phone a lot less useful if I can't even check my mail when away from my desk.
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    Exchange (standard handheld security policy, requiring PIN) with 1.3.1 is working ok for me.
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    Is there any way it could be unrelated? I mean, the server is rejecting my credentials, so I delete the account and put the same exact info back in and then it works again. It makes no sense. It seems like the problem has to be on my end - not the exchange server.

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