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    Hi Folks

    I've a standard Pre, no homebrew yet, on O2 Ireland .. keeping getting an error message saying "Unable to Connect. Try Later .." when I try to take the 1.3.1 update - am on a fast corporate Wifi in work so there should be no connectivity problems with data. Funny thing is that the download bar is half filled in, looks like it got half way thru downloading 1.3.1 and then stopped? Now it doesn't seem to want to complete it, even after a soft reset.

    Anyone else getting this? Is this a Palm server issue? Any ideas, apart from sideloading?
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    Has been like this all weekend. Seems like something isn't right with my version of the current OS that it's not getting recognized as needing the update?
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    I found that for weeks. It worked for me after a partial reset. But beware- that wipes your web bookmarks, cookies, and old sms messages, and de-activates (though does not remove) your calendar and email accounts - they are easy to reactivate in the standard apps.
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    Maybe you want to follow (can't add the link) this "can't update wegOS: Try again later" thread
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