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    so, spent ages last night installing patches for my pre and the only one I can't instal is the virtual keyboard. Is anyone else getting this? Is it just me or are all GSM 1.3.1 Pres not working with the virtual keybaord?
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    I've got the same problem! Don't know what to do...
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    Just upgraded mine to 1.3.1 on my O2 GSM this morning and installed the keyboard no prob's. I can type on it fast too :-) sorry thats prob not what you wanted to here..

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    First time I tried to install I had no joy, it told me it had been installed , did a luna restart, but then didn't show up under installed patches in Preware. Just re-installed it now and it's working! Was beginning to think it didn't exist!
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    Same as dubmass... first a restart without apparently doing anything, after second try it worked... not sure if i'm gonna use it much though
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    I Had same problem. Somewhere i found, that disable webos feeds in preware, update feeds and enable webos feeds again help. After that Virtual Keyboard install correctly.

    Unfortunately is keyboard freaky slow.

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