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    With an operating system like Windows, lots of times when you delete programs etc. it leaves fragments of files or obsolete registry keys behind....hence the purpose of programs like CCleaner and Defraggler. I was wondering: Does anything like that happen with webOS? If I remove an app from my Pre, could there be fragments of that app left over that could cause my Pre to run a bit slower? Just curious as to the similarities between a computer's OS and webOS.
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    The only thing I could say, Windows is windows and WebOS is linux. So I would compare how WebOS functions and Linux functions, and well, I am the wrong person to do this. I don't know too much about the inner workings of linux.
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    Ahhh good point. I forgot that webOS is Linux. I also don't know much about Linux....anyone else? Does the stuff mentioned above happen in Linux and, by extension, with webOS?
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    My guess is yes but like the two of you I don't really know
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    This is a good question. This would explain at least some of the lag issues that seem to grow worse and worse with each week that passes. Don't worry, i'm sure somebody with that knowledge will stroll by this thread by the time you have lunch today. It's a very active forum.
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